Travel to the places steeped in legends of the past


June- October



Tour description

Legendary Dzungarian Gates is the mountain pass between the Dzungarian Ala Tau from the west and the Ridge Barlyk from the east. The border between the Kazakh steppes and China is located in this corridor. The Great Silk Route passed through here with wandering trade caravans , and at the beginning of the 13th century Genghis Khan used this pass for his conquest of Central Asia. Dzungaria was always a closed highland and still only selected and well equipped tourists can reach this place. We will face the severe off roads, strongest winds, unspoilt beauty of meadows of mountain plateaus and ruins of  ancient settlements.


  •      Attendance of the ancient archeological monuments
  •      Horse-riding
  •      Trip to the old hot springs

Tour schedule


Day 1

with overnight accommodation in guest house

5 hours transfer Almaty – Atapkan


Day 2

with overnight in camping tent

Horse-riding walk from Atapkan to the Maral lake, binocular watching, salt marsh walking.


Day 3

with overnight accommodation in hotel

Horse-riding walk from  the Maral lake to the  Tastau farm


Day 4

with overnight accommodation in hotel

Trip to the Uygur district to the hot springs


Day 5


Return to Almaty

What's included

• Transport: offroader 3-5 seats

• English speaking guide

• Accommodation in hotel or camping

• Meal: breakfasts, lunches and dinners and snacks on the way

• Horse for 5 days plus guide-groom

• Photo shooting to be reserved and paid additionally