Four days tour to the Bayankol Gorge

Four days in the camp at the The Marble Wall peak - you will have something to tell your grandkids about


June- September



Tour description

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The Marble Wall is the strong massif in the Tien Shan system. From its west side there hangs a kilometer-long wall of black and yellow marble, with a huge ice cap on top. The height of the mountain exceeds 6 000 meters. The camp at its bottom is established in a zone of the Alpine meadows. During this tour we will conquer several peaks.

For walking tours you won’t need any special equipment, but we recommend having tracking boots and hiking outfit.


Tour schedule


Day 1


08:00–18:00  transfer Almaty – Bayankol Gorge

More than 400 km from Almaty to the gold mine Zharkulak, then another 12 km on foot to the base camp. Throughout all the way we will make small stops for having a rest and  a light snack.

18:00–19:00 Accommodation in base camp

19:00–20:00 Dinner

20:00 rest


Day 2


08:00–09:00 Breakfast

09:00–16:00 small acclimatization walking to the circus of the Marble wall glacier

12:00–13:00 picnic

17:00–18:00 return to the base camp, rest

19:00–20:00 dinner, free time

22:00 lights out


Day 3

Walking tour to the Astana peak

08:00–09:00 Breakfast

09:00–11:30 walking tour through the Chinese pass on height of 4000 mnm

11:30–12:00 rest, light snack

12:00–13:30 Rising to the Astana peak (height  4555 mnm)

13:30–14:00 picnic

14:00–18:00 descending to the base camp

18:00–20:00 rest, dinner

22:00 lights out


Day 4


08:00–09:00 Breakfast

09:00–12:00 descending from the base camp

12:00–22:00 return to Almaty

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