Travel on the green valleys to the country of ancient nomads


May to October



Tour description

The Turgen gorge has a very rich plant and animal life. There are mixed woods: birchwoods, are replaced by the soft forests. The caravans passed here in ancient times – from Europe to the east – to China and India. The Turgen gorge is famous for its waterfalls and relic Chinturgen mossy spruce forest growing in the territory of permafrost.

The Assy Plateau impresses with wide open spaces and its serenity. The plateau is located at the height of 2600 meters above sea level in the valley of the Assy River, 100 km to the east of Almaty. This place is known since ancient times as a summer pasture of the nomadic tribes. There is an astrophysical observatory on the top part of the plateau, with one of the biggest telescopes in the world. The route begins with the car crossing the Turgen gorge. After that we will visit the Assy Observatory and we will make a small walking tour to the Kara Arsha gorge. On the way back we will watch the sunset in the Observatory.


  •      Alpine meadow, softwood forests, nomads, yurts and herds of horses in one tour
  •      Walking tour to Kayrak waterfall
  •      Picnic on the scenic plateau Don- Jailow
  •      The sunset on Observatory and overnight in camp tent under the stars

Tour schedule


Day 1

with overnight in immobile camping site

8:00—10:00 transfer Almaty– Turgen Gorge

10:00—12:30 Walking tour to the Kayrak waterfall

13:00—13:30 Walking tour to picnic place at the Don- Jailow plateau

13:30—14:30 picnic-lunch

14:30—17:30 walking to the camping site

17:30—18:30 Free time

18:30—19:30 dinner

19:30 Free time


Day 2


8:00—9:00 Breakfast

9:00—10:00 transfer to the  Assy plateau with stop at Observatory

10:00—10:30 Observatory

10:30—11:30 transfer to the Karaarsha gorge

11:30—15:00 Walking tour and  picnic-lunch

15:00—17:00 Free time

17:00—18:00 dinner

18:00—19:00 transfer to the Observatory and watching the sunset

19:30—22:00 return to Almaty

What's included

  • Transport: offroader 3-5 seats – Toyota FJ, Hyundai Starex
  • English speaking guide
  • Accommodation in hotel
  • Meal: breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks on the way
  • Photo shooting to be reserved and paid additionally