HeliSki Kazakhstan

The place where everyone draws his own line ... the line that describes his riding style. Everyone has his own drawing on the common easel.


January – April; end of March - July



Tour description

The type of ski and snowboard freeride. Heli-skiing is off-trail, downhill skiing or snowboarding that is accessed by a helicopter, as opposed to a ski lift.

Depending on the helicopter’s type it’s capacity may vary. The group is always accompanied by a professional guide, who knows all the specific of the area and slopes. It’s required to have experience and good technique in skiing/snowboarding along the virgin slopes of different types.

As safety first and there is a danger of falling into an avalanche each participant of the tour must have an avalanche transceivers or avalanche beacons , an avalanche probe, a shovel and other necessary equipment for quickly search of people in case of avalanche.


Winter schedule from January through April

  • The altitudes: 1500 – 3300 meters above sea level
  • Region: Almaty and the vicinity of the Trans-Ili Alatau.
  • Kumbel, Kim Asar, Turgen, Kaskelen, Almatau, Butakovka gorges and Assy plateau

Spring – Summer schedule from end of March through July

  • The altitude: 3500 – 4500 meters above sea level
  • Region – Glaciers of Trans-ili Alatau
  • Dmitriyev glacier, Bogdanovich glacier, Tuyuk-Su glacier, Soviet Peak glacier, Korzhenevski glacier.

Tour schedule


День 1

8:30 – take off from the landing site (depends on destination)

Burundai airport

Alma Arasan gorge helicopter landing site of the Ministry of Emergency Situations

Medeu dam helicopter landing site

Duration of the flight is 2 hours which is equal to 4-5 descents

What's included

  • Helicopters

Eurocopter AS 350 B3_UP AS 001

AS 350 Ecureuil — multi-purpose helicopter, manufactured in France by Aerospatial (now Eurocopter France) on a base of multi-purpose helicopter AS 318 Alouette II. It’s a single-engine light utility helicopter adapted for flights in extreme conditions including high mountains area, hot climate and for cargo transportation.

Capacity – pilot +3 riders and guide.

  • Mi-8 MTV

Helicopter Mi-8МTV-1 is the following modification of Mi-8MT. It has the engines ТВ3-117ВМ, an improved characteristics of load capacity in mountains area and high temperatures of atmospheric air.

Capacity 12-14 riders + 2 guides and crew – 2 pilots and board engineer.

  • Transfer to the landing site
  • English speaking guide
  • Meals: snack/tea
  • Photo shooting to be reserved and paid additionally