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HeliSki Kazakhstan

The place where everyone draws his own line ... the line that describes his riding style. Everyone has his own drawing on the common easel.

Winter schedule from January through April
The altitudes: 1500 - 3300 meters above sea level
Region: Almaty and the vicinity of the Trans-Ili Alatau.
Kumbel, Kim Asar, Turgen, Kaskelen, Almatau, Butakovka gorges and Assy plateau

Spring – Summer schedule from end of March through July
The altitude: 3500 – 4500 meters above sea level
Region – Glaciers of Trans-ili Alatau
Dmitriyev glacier, Bogdanovich glacier, Tuyuk-Su glacier, Soviet Peak glacier,
Korzhenevski glacier.

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Day walking tour to the Station Т1 and the cirque of the Tuyuksu glacier

Trip to the eternal winter

● Visiting the Tuyuksu mountaineering camp and Mynzhilki meteorological station
● Scenic mountain area of Tuyuksu and view of circus of a glacier
● Visiting the historical meteorological station "T-1"

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Day walking tour to the Furmanov Peak and to the top of Panorama Peak

Classics of the Almaty mountain climbing

● Conquest of mountain tops
● Fascinating views

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Day walking tour to the Kok-Zhailau plateau

The escape from routine to the prettiest mountain places

● Requires good physical training for rising
● Walking on the alpine mountain meadows is especially good during late spring and in summer
● Unforgettable top view over Almaty, Medeo mountain area and Big Almaty Peak

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Ak Bulak

Trip for fans of mountain ascensions and breath-taking views

● Trip for the experienced travelers
● Round trip on the ropeway
● Ascension to the mountain top
● The view over the Issyk lake from a height of 2000 meters

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Assy Plateau

True nomadic experience— the trip to the country of ancient nomads

● Walk on the beautiful plateau
● True Kazakh jailow: nomads, yurts and herds of horses
● Ancient mounds and petroglyphic drawings
● The sunset in the Assy-Turgen Observatory

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Turgen —Kayrak Waterfalls

Walk through the green hills and the Alpine meadows to a beautiful and powerful waterfall

● Tour for intermediate level travelers
● Walk through the alpine meadows and soft-wood forests
● Excursion to the Kayrak waterfalls
● Picnic on scenic Don- Jailow Plateau

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Charyn Canyon

The unique 12 million-year-old natural monument

● Walk through lunar landscapes
● Exploration of a grove dated back to the of Ice Age
● The picnic on the bank of the mountain river

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Tips for the travelers

Lack of route and equipment, unsuitable clothes and shoes affects the enjoyment of travel and may threaten your safety


Examine the route in advance: length, weather forecast, availability and condition of roads. Take the GPS-navigator or map. Give your friends and family all information about direction and duration of the trip.


The weather during the tour, and sometimes during one day, can change. Especially in the mountains. If you put on a T-shirt and shorts, take thermal underwear and warm clothes with you. It’s better put on the multi-layer clothing so that you can easily remove or add a layer at any time.


Shoes should fit in size and fit the terrain. In travel that lasts more than three days, take an extra pair of shoes and extra pair of socks. Lieutenant Dan told Forrest Gump: “Keep your feet dry.” We support him.


Do not put your whole house in a backpack. Thoroughly think out the equipment and take only necessary things. Trekking is not an air flight, you will not hand things over to your luggage. You will feel any extra load while hiking.

First Aid Kit

Take an individual first-aid kit if you are under medical treatment. The chance to find a doctor in the mountains or steppe is small. We are able to provide first aid and carry with us a standard set of medications, but if you have a chronic illness – consult your doctor in advance. Refuse to travel if you are not sure of your abilities.

Meals and night lodging

A man can stand two months without food and a week without water. You will not get into such an extreme situation in our company, but think about this when planning a trip. You leave your usual comfort for living like nomads for some time – in open nature, without electricity and wifi.