Cemeteries of different eras, ancient settlements of the Semirechye region, cities of the Silk Road, petroglyphs and other rock paintings—the archeological heritage of the Almaty region alone is hard to appreciate all at once.  But you can try—take part in a discovery tour of ancient fortifications, sanctuaries, Scythian burial grounds, and Turkic burial mounds. Some of these excavation sites have been left specifically preserved for access by tourists.  The location of graves, their type, materials used to build, burial depth, and the presence of accompanying objects all help archeologists understand daily life, belief, and events of each burial period; learn all of this with the help of one of our archaeological guides.  We also offer tours as part of official archeological excavations alongside field professionals.

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Big Almaty ring / June - August

    Big Almaty ring / June — August

    10 days

    The shown price is calculated for a person in a group of 5 people. For more detailed price pls contact info@picnicteam.kz Splendid beauty of the mountains, country of ancient nomads, unique natural landscapes and full reset in one trip