Almaty residents don’t need to learn to take it slow—the ability to take our time and enjoy everything is what we’re all about.  For this reason, food-tours, although a small niche, are likely to be popular from the very start. We offer an unusual and tasteful time in the company of chefs and gourmets.  We’ll peek into iconic restaurants for their specialties, check out unexpected places for the best lagman or barbecue, stroll through the bazaar in search of the freshest produce, try the national cuisine in an adapted form in accordance with the glocal (global+local) movement, find the recipe for the “right” plov or beshparmak, and then you’ll be able to apply this knowledge to your own kitchen.  We’ll also visit local organic farms and ranches to taste, taste, and taste again, argue with the guide about which cuisines are more interesting than others, and as we fall into a food coma at the end, we’ll finally understand: life is good!

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