The Kazakh people became settled only relatively recently with the establishment of Soviet control in the early twentieth century.  Before this, Kazakhs lived a nomadic way of life that has been nearly forgotten today, yet remains alive and colorful in some places and interesting to both tourists and locals.  What do we still know about yurts? How are they set up, what do they consist of, what materials go into their construction, how much they cost, and what is their social significance?  What do we know about falconry, horseracing, or the traditional dastarkhan (a traditional table of food set out for guests)? What about the traditional dastarkhan, where the main dish is not beshparmak, but rather “et” (meat), the traditional ways of making kumis (fermented mare’s milk) and shubat (fermented camel’s milk), and the traditions of different regions and how they differ from each other? And what about the simple way of life of a nomadic village? What would we like to learn?

Nomad tours are a great way to discover more and learn about nomadic culture, not in theory, but in practice. Our tours will help you reconnect with your roots and feel what it’s like to live in a free nomadic society.

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Big Almaty ring / June - August

    Big Almaty ring / June — August

    10 days

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