One of the saltiest lakes, Tuzkol is located between the Yelchin-Buyryuk and Karatau mountains and is Kazakhstan’s answer to the Dead sea. The concentration of salt in the lake depends on the season, at maximum concentration it has 300 grams per liter (the Dead sea has 340-350 grams per liter).

Tuzkol is a wild lake with no developed infrastructure, which makes it attractive for those who prefer nature untouched.  Come here for at least two days so that you can enjoy the rising sun shining on Khan-Tengri peak, Kazakhstan’s tallest mountain.

The foothills near the lake are also habitat for many animals such as wolves, lynxes, bears, and even snow leopards.  And of course birds! Among these, you are likely to see gray cranes, demoiselle cranes, ducks, wild geese, and if you’re lucky, whooper swans.

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