Tamgaly Tas and Tanbaly are two archeological rock art sites in close proximity to each other, but each showing rock art of differing historical, cultural, and stylistic periods. The lower Tanbala gorge offers remarkable petroglyphs depicting wars, sun-headed deities, solar signs, chariots, and sacrificial animals dating from the Bronze Age. Tamgaly-Tas offers three Buddha images (the Buddha Shakyamuni, the Buddha of the Infinite Light of Amitabha, and the Bodhisattva of Infinite Sympathy Avalokiteshvara).  Both sites are protected by the government of Kazakhstan, and since 2004 the Tanbala Sanctuary has been a UNESCO world Heritage Site, and the Tamgaly-Tas an open-air Buddhist temple.

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    Big Almaty ring / June — August

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