Актау 8

Almaty ring / April-October

from $850.00

Splendid beauty of the mountains, country of ancient nomads, unique natural landscapes and full reset in one trip

  • Vacation Style
  • Activity level Сложно

In a five days tour the travelers view the beauty and diversity of Almaty region: the road goes through deserts, forests, mountains lakes and rivers.

The rout  passes through the territory of National park “Altyn Emel”, where the Signing Dunes, Aktau and Katutau mountains are located along the 700 years old willow tree. The next destination is Charyn Canyon. On the way to Charyn canyon there’s a chance to visit ancient city of Zharkent, where the travelers visit a mosque-museum and ancient orthodox church.

After Charyn canyon the road takes you to the national park of Kolsay lakes. Our guests are accommodated in local guest house, where they can taste local national cuisine, see the traditions and customs of local people. During this part of the journey the guests visit Kolsay 1 and Kolsay 2 lakes, take a walk around Kaindy lake with picnic and horseback riding in a good company of our team.



  • Singing dune — the sounds of the organ in the middle of the steppe.
  • Bright blue Kolsai lakes and Kaindy Lake, where trees grow out of the water
  • Excursion to the church of the XIX century and the Zharkent mosque, similar to a Buddhist temple
  • Walk among the alien landscapes of Charyn and the mountains of Aktau
  • Evenings by the fire, nights under the stars, sunsets in the steppes and sunrises in the mountains
What’s included in this tour?
  • Off road vehicle
  • English speaking guide
  • Hotel and guest house accommodation
  • Food: soft drinks and snacks on the way, breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • National parks admission fees
What’s not included in this tour?
  • Horseback riding (by request)
  • Airline tickets
  • Visa support (by request)
  • Health insurance
  • Photoshooting (by request)
  1. Day 1 Baschi village - Signing dunes

    9:30—13:00 transfer Almaty– Baschy village

    13:00—14:00 lunch

    14:00—15:30 free time, Altyn-Emel state park museum visit

    15:30—16:30 transfer to the Singing Dune

    16:30—18:30 walk around and ascent to the top of the dune

    18:30—20:00 transfer back to the village (sunset tea on the way)

    20:00—21:00 dinner

  2. Day 2 Aktau, Katutau Mountains, 700 y.o. willow tree

    8:00—9:00 breakfast

    9:00—10:30 transfer to Aktau mountains

    10:30—12:30 hike in the mountains

    12:30—13:30 picnic-lunch

    13:30—16:00 Katutau lava mountains and 700 year old willow tree photo stops

    16:00—17:00 transfer to the village

    17:00—19:00 free time

    19:00—20:00 dinner

    22:00—23:00 star gazing in the steppes

  3. Day 3 Zharkent - Charyn canyon

    8:00—9:00 breakfast

    9:00—11:00 transfer to Zharkent town

    11:00—12:30 excursion to the museum-mosque and ancient Russian orthodox church

    12:30—13:30 lunch

    13:30—15:30 transfer to Charyn canyon

    15:30—16:30 walking through the canyon

    16:30 – 18:00 transfer to the Saty village

    18:00 – 19:00 check in, free time

    19:00 – 20:00 Dinner

    20:00 Free time

  4. Day 4 Kolsay lakes

    8:00—9:00 breakfast

    9:00—10:00 transfer to the lake Kolsay 1

    10:00—13:00 hike to the lake Kolsay 2

    13:00—14:00 picnic-lunch

    14:00—15:00 walk around the lake

    15:00—18:00 hike back to the lake Kolsay 1

    18:00—19:00 transfer to the village

    19:30—20:30 dinner

    20:30 Free time

  5. Day 5 Kaindy lake

    9:00—10:00 breakfast

    10:00—11:00 transfer to Kaindy lake

    11:00—13:00 walk around the lake

    13:00—14:00 picnic lunch

    14:00—19:30 return to Almaty