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Charyn canyon / all year around

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A unique nature monument of 12 million years old

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Charyn Canyon is a natural monument composed of sedimentary rocks, the age of which is about 12 million years. The height of the steep mountains of the canyon is about 150-300 m. The most interesting tourists spot is the picturesque Valley of Castles. The area where unique plants grow and rare birds live from the list of the Red Book. The walking part of our tour takes about 3 hours. A walk along the bottom of the canyon observing its bizarre forms. The walk ends at the Charyn river’s bank with picnic. On the way back we take a walk along the ethno-park.



  • A walk through the lunar landscapes
  • Discovering the grove of the Ice age
  • Picnic at the river’s bank
What’s included in this tour?
  • Off road vehicle
  • English speaking guide
  • Food: soft drinks and snacks on the way, picnic-lunch
  • National park admission fee  
What’s not included in this tour?
  • Airline tickets
  • Visa support (by request)
  • Health insurance
  • Photoshooting (by request)
  1. Day 1 11 hrs

    8:00—11:00 Transfer Almaty – Charyn Canyon

    11:00—12:30 A walk along the Valley of Castles

    12:30—13:30 Picnic-Lunch

    13:30—14:30 Transfer to the Moon canyon

    14:30—15:30 A walk along the Moon Canyon

    15:30—19:00 transfer to Almaty